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Croplands have been building sprayers since 1972. After operating for 40 years in the Australian and New Zealand environments they understand what the pressing problems are; before, during and after application. The machinery is built to high quality standards. Robust design and generous dimensions result in unmatched durability.  Working with feedback from farmers and operators, sprayers are developed to provide efficiency with a simple approach.


Orchard Rite 


In 1967, the company began making oil-fired orchard heaters. Rising petrol prices soon made the heaters an expensive option for frost protection. Five years later, Orchard-Rite started selling wind machines.  For more than four decades, Orchard-Rite has been providing the industry’s highest quality, most dependable wind machines for frost protection.




Krone was founded in Spelle, Germany, in 1906 with the intention of making farming more efficient and profitable. Following many years if growth and expansion, Krone UK was established in 2009 and continues to further that vision by supplying innovative, performance-engineered equipment that has become the benchmark in the hay and forage industry.  Professional hay and forage producers all over the world choose Krone, for their exceptional value.




Fencepro post drivers are at the leading edge of both design and function, due to the ongoing research and development from a dedicated team. Every day, feedback from owners and operators in the field is listened to, discussed, and as soon as possible – put into action. This gradual but persistent refinement of the range ensures they are getting safer, faster to use, more versatile and importantly, even longer lasting.




Established in the 1920's, Rinieri has gradually grown and now sells more than 1700 machines each year, with a product range for the viticuture, agriculture and the orchard industry.  They manufacture 70 different machines encompasing 250 models.    To this day, they stand by their genuine 'made in Italy' policy.


Victor Buckton founded the Buckton Garage in Paengaroa in 1950. Blending pragmatic engineering with a creative outlook  this Country Garage became locally renowned for recycling trucks and converting them into solid farm machinery that got the hard work done.  63 years on from these humble beginnings, Buckton continue to build hard-working farm equipment that customers can rely on to get the job done.



From humble beginnings Paslode has carved an enviable reputation for trusted, innovative and quality products and remains the market leader in nail driving technology for timber to timber connection.  Today the Paslode Impulse system sets industry standards for tools and construction fasteners and remains the last word in quality, reliability and performance.


Netwizz & Olinet


NetWizz is a machine for applying and removing netting in vineyards and orchards.  It is a fully proven market leader, safely handling various types and widths of netting, over single or multiple rows.  After 20 years, they have redesigned all NetWizz models to be stronger and faster winding, more compact, safer, with a stronger frame and easier to operate.


OliNet is a harvesting aid for olives, pistachio nuts and seed collection. It has folding arms with an automatic trunk sealing system, resulting in a fast and reliable setup. Olives, nuts or seeds are collected in the suspended net and are then funneled into storage tubs.



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